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Prince George’s County Public Schools have a multitude of challenges that need to be addressed and rectified expediently. From corruption related to grading to reducing classroom sizes, Juanita seeks to prioritize these problems that have plagued the Prince George’s County School system for far too long. Some of Juanita’s focus areas include: reducing chronic absenteeism, increasing programs that cater to students before/after school and during seasonal breaks, and student violence reduction initiatives. 


Over the last few years, we have seen some progress in Prince George’s County, however, this progress has been sluggish and not properly advocated for in the areas of minority-owned business support and development, workforce training opportunities, and large scaled development project implementation. One of Juanita’s priorities is to increase employment opportunities within the community by pursuing commercial projects that support workforce development and give residents more job options. 


Health has become a major concern, not only for youth facing obesity, but also for those who have pre-existing conditions and disabilities that can delay or even prevent immediate medical attention when needed. Prince George’s County has maintained sub-par medical facilities with subsidies that only made it possible to provide mediocre care to the most vulnerable members of our community. Juanita will fight for those citizens who need to be cared for in better equipped and staffed medical facilities. 


Safe, affordable housing is a basic need in Prince George’s County. While finding affordable housing in the Washington, DC Metro area can be challenging for many low-moderate income households, Juanita plans to support community programs that provide a more diverse housing stock and rental subsidies that assist families with the high cost of living. We have all seen the results of predatory lending and although these practices have been addressed in general, Juanita believes that we still have a long way to go in order to help those people who were directly affected during the foreclosure crisis.

Community Involvement

1000 Women Event with Angela Alsobrooks

This event was exciting and very successful! The support for Angela's candidacy is overwhelming. Congratulations Angela!

Collington Forum

Juanita attended this forum and the residents showed up to standing room only. This was a great and informational session!

Celebrating National Day of Prayer!

Candidate joins family and friends at breakfast for National Day of Prayer.

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